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Even though I like internet radio, I still enjoy shortwave radio , direct reception from a foreign country is still a great thrill, Radio Australia stil comes through when condidtions are right. As far back as the 1920's people would listen on shortwave to programs from other countries , concerts from New York were enjoyed in the U.K. sometimes on homemade equipment and with very good audio quality rivaling FM (there was no audio compression/processing or resricted bandwith as in today's medium wave and long wave transmissions). Then came mono FM which was developed further to provide stereo. Now in 2012 over 100 years later after most developements in radio were welcomed as progress, we have the DAB radio system which is without doubt useless. Poor reception with signal drop outs even in a strong signal area , poor audio quality that is so rough it can not be tolerated for long, heavy power drain making it impractical for portable use. The one "advantage" is the greater number of stations available, the only problem is that the extra staions are not wanted, surveys show that listeners are happy with the choice avalable on MW,LW & FM. Only a fool that does not like listening to radio would promote this system. What would Marconi say about it ?

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