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I am an avid Radio 3 and 4 listener. My house is small and I enjoy the listening to music from my 4 radios as I walk about my house. If all my radios were DAB their signal reception would all be different and no more would I be able to have the continuity of sound. Just a selfish opinion, but surly other radio enthusiasts would have the same objection, The inferior quality of sound is another objection. yours truly, Cynthia Watson

#128042 • 17/07/2012 11:13am by bessie • Vote: Up votes (34) Down votes (2)

FM or DAB? It doesn't matter any more. Internet radio is here.

You don't need a computer. There are plenty of stand-alone internet radio players available (not forgetting smartphones, etc).

The introduction of DAB was messed up from the start and will go the same way as Freeview.

Move on.

#128041 • 16/05/2012 10:52am by JDT • Vote: Up votes (34) Down votes (2)

They shouldn't bother talking of turning off DAB until we have technology for lossless broadcasting. It's the only way digital can beat FM in terms of sound quality. I listened to the DAB version of Kiss in a new 2012 Ford Focus and the audio quality was so bad that it was unlistenable and I immediately switched it back to FM which sounded so much better quality. Even if lossless DAB happened (IT WON'T) I think FM should still be kept, as the amount of radios which would become useless is massive. Also many cars are still produced with FM radios as standard.

#128040 • 16/04/2012 3:16pm by Someone7272 • Vote: Up votes (34) Down votes (2)

I am a collector and renovator of historic AM radios which are part of our heritage from 1922 i am a member of the British vintage wireless society which aims to bring our old none working sets back into use for our next generations to see how we reached DAB technology ,if the government cut off the AM signal then there will be no way to show the public what our grand parents used to listen to,with regards to FM broadcasts i dont know anyone that doesnt start their car and put on the radio for company and the very important traffic updates which undoubtly save lives and money in fuel by turning off before the hazard at least with AM the sound level slowly drops as you move further from the transmitter FM has RDS to jump to a stronger signal and DAB will simply go quiet and distorted as hills and obstructions give multipath signal making listening annoying at best and useless for car safety traffic bulleteins. So why not leave the choice to the public and keep AM FM and DAB for those that want it as every TV set can now get DAB so everyone is happy and get their licence money worth.

#128038 • 22/02/2012 7:24pm by Don in Wales • Vote: Up votes (32) Down votes (1)

I feel the BBC is biased. Certain DJ's keep spouting on as if FM wont be about for long. Me thinks it (the BBC) are trying to put it peoples minds that FM is old and defunct. The truth is that it is still of a higher quality than DAB. I have several FM tuners which out perform DAB in the sound quality stakes. There is another issue which the public should know and that is that DAB circuitry is not very service friendly. I'm speaking from experience as I service TV's and Hi-Fi. The cost of repair is prohibative and my customers end up having to buy a new unit. Not from me I hasten to add as i don't retail. One more thing to think about is who stands to gain from all the broadcast licenses that can be sold on a multiplex broadcast system. Multiplex broadcast is a way of transmitting more stations down a frequency with a narrow bandwidth a.k.a. digital sky broadcast and freeview. Ever noticed the poor quality of some of those broadcasts? That's down to sending as many stations as they can get away with down one frequncy (with low bit rates) on which of course they have an advertising platform. Rant over. All I'll say is that I have no problem with people making money but sound quality should not suffer for it. Cheers.

#128037 • 27/01/2012 10:59am by Mikey • Vote: Up votes (32) Down votes (2)

i use dab radio all the time because it is good in my area [south ], however forced switch over is a thing i totally hate. the expense it will entail with millions of people, is robbery by the government, AGAIN.

#128036 • 15/01/2012 1:13pm by willy • Vote: Up votes (32) Down votes (1)

In my limited search for details of the proposed digital radio switch over, I've seen no comments regarding car radios. My car has an integrated FM radio, CD player & Sat. Nav. I imagine it would cost £1000 + to replace this with a digital radio version which I'm not prepared to do, so I'll loose my radio.

#128035 • 11/01/2012 8:34am by Steve A • Vote: Up votes (32) Down votes (2)

do you have a facebook page?

#128033 • 03/01/2012 9:47pm by CliffChallenger • Vote: Up votes (31) Down votes (1)

Absolute Nonsense! Just political and corporation pressure for more control and money making!

#128032 • 03/01/2012 9:18pm by ML • Vote: Up votes (31) Down votes (1)

Fm is in cars and Hifi systems that are high end products that will still be working in twenty years time. And what do we do just take them to the dump.Plus digital world is good in some areas and very poor in others.Music on fm still has the edge in quality.

#128031 • 02/01/2012 9:33pm by Fm rules • Vote: Up votes (31) Down votes (0)

FM is far superior to DAB. DAB is awful. The proposed switch off of FM is a disgrace.

#128030 • 28/12/2011 2:34pm by ramjet • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (1)

People will only realise how good the FM transmissions were when they are no longer available and unfortunately we are sleepwalking into this situation.The FM band has been overcrowded for far too long and largely due to the capture effect of FM transmission it is very difficult to listen to DX [listen to out of area stations} Sure there is DAB+ which is a higher bit rate similar to MPEG4 which has been adopted in Australia Canada Slovakia and other places and some of our radios are already compatible or can be with a software upgrade.This however is still nowhere near as good as FM and would take years to implement even so it would not be as good as FM. Sadly the younger generation are used to MP3 files on cell phone speakers and the like so have never experienced a high quality FM transmission through a decent receiver/amplifier and speakers.Basically we are better off without DAB altogether and we can all delay or stop it altogether by not buying DAB devices.

#128028 • 19/12/2011 12:49am by G3YBA UK Radio Amateur • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (2)

I have two Hi Fi set ups, one in each room, and bought "quality" DAB tuners for both. What a waste of money! The sound cannot be compared with FM. The tuners are now in my loft and FM is again king. I can now listen and enjoy quality instead of the compressed digital sound (DAB) which totally lacks dynamics, detail and sounds like it was recorded in a box. Long live FM, otherwise its back to cd's and discs.

Also I have two portable Roberts DAB sets which are consigned to the loft. DAB classic FM is, I am told, easily received round here. They only work in one bedroom! What use is that??

Who are the Government kidding? If we must have DAB, it needs to be decompressed and have enough transmitters so it works! Long live FM!

#128027 • 02/12/2011 12:03am by DAB IT OFF • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (2)

DAB is of very poor quality indeed, broadcast at horrendously inadequate bit rates, which make it grossly inferior to FM. Digital distortion is terrible, and any decision to switch FM off is therefore both shortsighted and morally wrong. At a time when so called HD Televsion rules it seems, decent radio reception will become a myth. Those who invested in DAB tuners have been conned, even if such tuners actually are better than the signals into them! Unless the BBC is prepared to make DAB sound decent, which it does not, there should be no switch off. Those of us who have very high quality Hi Fi systems find DAB unlistenable. The quality is suited to nothing other than walkie boogie earphones. Richard Astridge

#128025 • 18/10/2011 10:11am by Richard Astridge • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (2)

I've just inherited by late fathers roberts dab radio. The quality is not as good as fm on a like for like bases. Would have taken it back if I had bought it. I'm not convinced that gold on dab is any better than am!

#128024 • 17/10/2011 9:03pm by Tonyy • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (0)

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