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You said about the FM switch off:

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I think the government is trying to maximise revenue from the spectrum by giving the FM band over to digital in the future. DAB and Freeview cannot equal the quality of a good FM signal. The BBC seems to have abandoned it's commitment to quality. If the signal is weak I would rather hear slightly noisy mono FM than nothing at all on DAB.

#128023 • 01/10/2011 4:48pm by fm only • Vote: Up votes (28) Down votes (1)

I collect high-end 70's vintage fm tuners (like someone collecting vintage cars, cannot stop!) ... Occasionaly I also listen to different types of streaming devices. But clearly, when it comes to the flavour of sound, NOTHING beats a good analog fm tuner, believe me.

#128021 • 18/08/2011 8:23pm by truus • Vote: Up votes (27) Down votes (2)

How about an e-petition? I'm not clear what the formal procedure is and whether any acts have been passed that need to be amended.

My investment in FM is considerable, and even a 10 year delay as you propose would put considerable strain on my resources, particularly since some of my radios are hi-fi tuners.

I also consider DAB+ to be an essential part of the mix.

#128020 • 04/08/2011 12:32pm by Pastim • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (2)

Unfortunately the quality of DAB radio in the UK is well below that I enjoy on FM. Until DAB+ replaces the existing obsolete DAB that is used in the UK, FM must continue in operation. Moreover, I like the vast majority of people do not have a DAB radio in my car.

#128019 • 22/07/2011 3:48pm by RogerBill • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (1)

I have now got a DAB - it is totally useless, working only on the dining room window sill - a room I spend limited time in and certainly not for listening to the radio. Everywhere in the house that I happily use my old Sony or Grundig fm portable transisitor radios (mainly the kitchen and bedroom)the DAB either cuts out to total silence at random intervals or bubbles and gurgles as though it is immersed a water tank. The advice on this is "get an external aerial" - how ridiculous - I am just going to put the DAB back in its box and consign it to the back of the cupboard and go on listening to my fm radios - so long as broadcasting continues on fm

#128017 • 30/12/2010 11:16am by jimbo • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (0)

I love to embrace good new technology. I actually have 2 DAB sets. One is DAB only and was received as a gift - it never gets used. The other was purchased recently and has FM and DAB - FM is the mode is used 100% of the time. I also have a number of FM only sets (including a very expensive FM Tuner for the Hi Fi and, of course, there is FM only in the car)

Why do I not use DAB even though I have the facility to use it?

1) Sound quality - FM sounds simply wonderful in comparison. Voices from Radio 4 sound like they are in the room - even from very modest radios.

2) You turn on an FM radio and it is receiving instantly. You turn on a DAB set, there is a always a delay before it receives. This sounds minor, but is deeply irritating.

3) Have you ever tried having DAB working on more than one set around the house - e.g. your TV broadcasting it in one room and a DAB set in another? They are never in sync with each other and you get an awful echo - it sounds like a loudspeaker system at a playing field!

4) The car. We are lucky enough have 2 almost new cars - we'll probably still have them in 2015. Neither have DAB but can receive excellent quality FM. Based on the reception I get from the DAB sets in the home, I can only imagine how awful it could be in the car. Not to mention that I am not prepared to change their built in audio systems - there must be millions of others in this boat.

5) Batteries. I tried using the DAB set using batteries - it went through them faster than you can say "Save FM". My FM portables seem to last for ages. DAB is not very green!

Finally, I really believe that switching off FM - in particular the FM broadcasting of Radio 4, will be such a massive backward step for this country that one of the big advantages of living here will be lost.

Yes, broadcast DAB by all means, but keep FM and keep the BBC on it!

#128016 • 24/11/2010 9:54am by Adam • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (2)

I have appalled by the proposed switchover. Having bought three DAB radios, I continue to listen to FM which is far superior in sound and reception quality, and I cannot get most of the stations on DAB that I can on FM, which is crazy as I live only 30 miles from London on a high point in Essex.

I use radios a portables around the house too, and get a good reception everywhere on FM. To get the same reception on DAB I need an aerial, which means DAB is not portable, for many stations.

Please do not switch off my FM radio.

#128015 • 22/10/2010 10:35am by bertrum • Vote: Up votes (29) Down votes (1)

A pathetic effort to grab more money for selling off bandwidth, and replacing FM with a much inferior system

#128014 • 08/08/2010 12:58pm by Robredz • Vote: Up votes (37) Down votes (7)

The quality of reception for the DAB system is FAR INFERIOR to the FM reception. Some parts of the country will be completely cut off from radio reception. The general waste of perfectly good radios being consigned to the rubbish heap on a whim is totally ridiculous. The promise of re-use in Africa is also misleading.

#128013 • 06/08/2010 12:33pm by Jas • Vote: Up votes (37) Down votes (10)

I have nothing against the technology used for DAB, just in the way it has been implemented by screwing down the quality to squeeze in as many stations per multiplex as possible. Until the full potential of DAB can be realised, including better coverage for network stations, then we are many years away from being in a position to switch off FM. The FM Band II radio spectrum is not especially valuable, especially if it is still going to accommodate broadcasting stations, and potential interference from neighbouring couontries will make the band less attractive commercially anyway. I say, improve DAB drastically - far too early to talk of FM switch-off!

#128012 • 06/08/2010 7:41am by steph_c • Vote: Up votes (33) Down votes (5)

dont turn of fm we need it here is absoultly nothing wronf with fm and i get all the stations on it lovely and clear i do not want to go out and start buying new radios just to use dab i want fm

#128011 • 22/07/2010 10:03am by alfietheboy • Vote: Up votes (38) Down votes (7)

Why should we be forced to have something that is inferior. Power to the people, stop this maddness.

#128010 • 09/07/2010 10:39am by gardener • Vote: Up votes (38) Down votes (8)

have a look at TNT Audio - April and TNT Audio - March and TNT Audio - February which say it all about the pathetic bit rates and low content quality of BBC DAB.

More platforms and more airtime to fill, divided into the available talent pool simply reduces the average content quality whatever the transmission quality. Perhaps the low bit rates are to mask the pathetic content!

I will stick to my ancient Accuphase T101 FM tuner as long as FM is available.

#128009 • 08/07/2010 6:16pm by Mark • Vote: Up votes (33) Down votes (9)

A waste of millions of radios, a green disaster, a triumph for crazy capitalism. I hope that the new Coalition will see sense and ditch this mad idea.

#128008 • 07/07/2010 5:48pm by AshleyH • Vote: Up votes (34) Down votes (6)

It appalls me. We are old folk who live in an ex-guest-house with at least one FM radio - HiFi or portable, accumulated over the years - in every room, including several clock/radio-alarms. While I realise we could very sensibly prune the number of portables, we would still have to somehow replace (like most people)our car radio, plus several non-portable HIFi units that we have in different rooms where we work or relax. The cost to everyone in the UK is going to be ENORMOUS and the vested interests will be rubbing their hands in glee. The pro-digital lobby make much of replacing portables cheaply as the prices drop, but they completely ignore the FM component of every decent and much pricier HiFi system that will now be only half-useful.

#128007 • 05/07/2010 1:55pm by pafc • Vote: Up votes (34) Down votes (7)

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