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You said about the FM switch off:

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I have just received a letter from Ed Vaisey MP. The last sentece reads:

"It would not be in anyone's interest to force stations on to DAB or to "switch off" FM at a time when it would leave any local stations without an appropriate broadcast platform, The assurance we can give, therefore, is that FM will continue for as long as it is needed and viable."

Sounds good but does not of course stop the BBC acting unilaterally to cut their FM transmissions. However, I suspect that a big plank has gone from their stance now.

#128006 • 26/06/2010 9:24am by Keith • Vote: Up votes (33) Down votes (5)

My beloved 30 year old excellent quality FM tuner will be made obsolete by a dictatorial non democratic ruling, over which I have no choice. I also have a number of portable radios I use regularly. It seems like a very good way of losing most of your listeners, leaving us with whoever continues FM broadcasts. This can only be about money. Most things are!

#128005 • 03/06/2010 12:16pm by fuzz • Vote: Up votes (34) Down votes (6)

I actually am a developer for all-digital stuff. But personall I do prefer my LPs and HQ-turntable, FM radio, non-digital photo-cameras and non-digital selfmade photos - I even bake my own bread, grow my own vegs and brew my own beer (sometimes).

The main thing about science and digital live is - not everything that IS possible, IS needed or good.

As an example - you can receive FM with an fruit-powered receiver (just 2 electrodes needed) - how much more energy is necessary to use a DAB+ receiver?

Or have you ever thought about what you would do, if there was no computer or internet? Nowadays most people would die of boredom, I think.

Not me - I also own a currently unused farm and know how to grow my seed and how to treat animals.

For me, all this hassle about FM switch off is mor a general question of technical evolution which definately leads in the wrong direction - to "depersonalisation".

#128003 • 18/04/2010 1:36am by sir_think-a-lot • Vote: Up votes (33) Down votes (6)


I am an avid radio-listener, and have tried both DAB and FM radio. Perhaps it is just my location (Scottish Highlands) but the DAB signal just cannot compete with a good FM signal from my chimney-mounted antenna. It just sounds like the signal is missing from the very top and very bottom of the musical range, and DAB music sounds 'narrower'and less 'warm'. The outside antenna is designed for both DAB and FM, so the comparison is fair, however (contrary to the commercial hype) the signal from FM sounds far superior! My new DAB radio is back in it's box in the spare room! DON'T SWITCH OFF FM!! (If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!)

#128002 • 30/01/2010 4:45pm by Matt • Vote: Up votes (33) Down votes (8)

I was an early DAB adopter, and have now abandoned it. The key reason was reception, followed by audio quality. Maybe DAB+ will improve matters, but the future path seems confused.

#128001 • 21/11/2009 8:14pm by NoGo • Vote: Up votes (39) Down votes (13)

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