Save FM Radio

We still need FM Radio, DAB is no substitute as things stand.

What is the aim?

National FM stations should continue until the conditions below have been satisfied. We want any suggestion of switching off FM to be postponed.

  • Clarity is needed about a change to an improved system, such as DAB+
  • People need to know which sets can receive the improved system
  • Audio quality of major stations needs to equal or exceed FM
  • Reception needs to be at least as good as FM
  • Enough time needs to pass to render the substantial investment in FM equipment too old to matter, which probably requires at least a decade from clear plans being established.

What can you do right now?

  • Write to your own MP
  • Record your views on our "wall"
  • If you have a web site, display our logo with a link to this site
  • Complain to the BBC about its excessive commitment to DAB
  • Join our mailing list - see the box on the right
  • Add a message to your email signature, with a link to this site


The government has published a set of frequently asked questions in an attempt to bolster up its position of aiming to move FM to DAB by 2015. Answers given to the questions do not, as you might expect, tell the full story. We've answered the same set of questions, you can read our answers here.