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Complaint to the BBC

It is entirely wrong for the BBC to be pushing digital radio, which is an inferior technology and downgrades the standards once upheld by the BBC.

I have a number of FM radios, capable of many more years of service. In particular, I have an expensive FM tuner as part of a modest hi-fi system. The standard of FM sound has been such that one can distinguish between live performances and commercial recordings on Radio 3. Speech quality is also high, something that is valuable for many programmes on a variety of channels.

DAB radio provides inferior quality, below the standard of commercial recordings, and far below the best FM quality.

My car has an FM radio which provides excellent service. Advertising by organisations having financial support from the BBC makes false claims about digital quality in cars. FM car radios provide excellent service in most areas whereas total signal loss is reported by many digital radio users.

New radios and other devices are currently being sold that rely exclusively on FM. There is no reason to suppose that they will not continue to be usable for many years, other than the undesirable and unwanted change to digital.

I cannot see what justification there could be for this BBC bias.

#128005 • 07/01/2010 8:25pm by Martin Brampton • Vote: Up votes (85) Down votes (16)