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GetDigitalRadio says:

I'm afraid we have very limited resources in order to deal with all our listener/consumer enquiries - and so we aren't always able to give a response when we get enquries with the level of detail such as yours.

Just to clarify, Digital Radio UK is the company tasked with establishing digital as the leading radio format in the UK and ensuring its wide availability and continuing take up among the UK's 46 million radio listeners.

Funded and supported by commercial radio, the BBC and Arqiva, Digital Radio UK is the central industry communicator on digital radio, working closely with all parties with an interest in digital radio, from broadcasters and the car industry to manufacturers and retailers, to deliver the consumer and economic benefits of digital radio upgrade.

Barry Price says:

Thank you once again for your reply although I am somewhat disappointed with it. I find it quite astonishing that you cannot respond to my enquiry as you consider it to contains a "level of detail". Surely to deal with a vague and indeterminate query would require much more research and resource, wouldn't it?

You cannot even give a response to the simple question, "What does "digital quality" or "clear digital sound" mean to you in these contexts?" (i.e. the quote from your website or the statement made by Ford Ennals to which I referred in my earlier correspondence). If your website and boss are happy to broadcast such terms without even understanding them it reflects poorly on the very credibility of digital radio and those trying to promote it. Surely somebody in your organisation knows what they mean, don't they? If there isn't anybody who does know, then the terms should be withdrawn, as they are meaningless without qualification.

Additionally many claims were made to the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Broadcasting clearly stating that Digital Radio would give "improved sound quality", "better sound quality", "increased audio quality", etc. Many, if not all of those claims, were made by parties which you have now confirmed fund and support GetDigitalRadio/Digital Radio UK.

In the light of the fact that you represent the very organisations who misled the House of Lords and the general public do you not think that any such nebulous claims should also be withdrawn and a public apology issued?

If GetDigitalRadio/Digital Radio UK is unable, unwilling or too short of resource to respond to enquiries would you please be kind enough to indicate an higher authority outside of GetDigitalRadio who can, perhaps, assist me?

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